The Peace of Mind programme aims to cultivate communities and nurture natural networks.

This means that we seek to support and assist disabled people, people with long-term illness or other life limiting health conditions to think about what they would like to do and how this would make them happier and better connected with their local community. Then we go about helping you to make it happen.

Finding Support and Making Friends

The Peace of Mind programme can help you find Personal Assistants and other disabled people in your area who share your interests and want to do the same things as you.

This could be going to the local swimming baths; attending a local football match; taking part in local interest groups such as arts & crafts, gymnastics or other activities.

Pooling Budgets

Because you’ll be doing things with other people who share the same interests, you can cover the cost of paid support across the whole group, making it possible for you to do more of the things that you like and that matter to you.

The Peace of Mind programme will provide you with important guidance and support in developing employment contracts; managing the “pooled” budget; thinking about staying safe while you’re taking part in your activities and getting proper group insurance in place.

Taking Part

The Peace of Mind programme can help you to find activities and groups that are available in your area and support you to make enquiries about the cost of getting involved; planning your support to help you attend or take part and budgeting as part of a group of people who’ll be sharing in the activities.

Social Prescribing

The benefits of “social prescribing” are starting to become recognised in Scotland and our approach is firmly embedded in the concept. ┬áBeing connected, being active and having a circle of friends that you enjoy spending time with is key to living healthy and improving your well-being and can often reduce the symptoms of loneliness, isolation and sometimes even physical symptoms from some conditions.

If you or your Health Practitioner (GP for example) thinks you would benefit from taking part in fun activities with other people who share your passion or hobby, ask them to refer you to Peace of Mind using our Register Here page and we’ll get in touch.