Benefiting the Community:

We recognise that better connected communities offer the greatest support and also flourish, benefiting the whole community and everyone in it.

Whether your a disabled person; a support provider or a business, we want to work with you!

For supported people:

Peace of Mind will support you to:

  • Identify local activities and groups that you might be interested in to help meet your planned outcomes;
  • Develop a personalised care plan and think about how you will achieve each of your agreed outcomes;
  • Support you to think about creative solutions that may help you achieve your agreed outcomes;
  • Network with others who share your interests and life goals;
  • Get involved in existing community groups or start up a new group with friends;
  • Recruit Personal Assistants (PA’s);

For Personal Assistants:

Peace of Mind will support you to:

  • Find paid support vacancies in your area;
  • Seek to match you to individuals or groups who share your interests and / or availability;
  • Offer you access to a range of training relevant to being a Personal Assistant;

For Local Independent Support Providers:

The Peace of Mind programme is an open collaboration between independent support and information providers. If you currently offer supports or services to disabled people and feel that the Peace of Mind programme could enhance or compliment your services, we’d love to work with you. You can contact our Peace of Mind Services Co-ordinator, Robbie Allan by e-mail.

For Local Service Providers:

Peace of Mind can help you to:

  • Offer your services to people within your community who need or want to access what you offer;
  • Find volunteers or potential employees from your local community who need assistance to get involved in planned volunteering or work activities;