The Peace of Mind programme can help you get better connected to your community in a number of ways.

For Individuals:

If you are an individual, or if you want to register for the Peace of Mind programme on behalf of someone else, you can complete our simple “Registration Form“.

Once you have registered, the Peace of Mind Programme Co-ordinator will make contact with you to find out more about what you would like to do, how you would like to do it and how we can assist and / or support you.

This could include finding a Personal Assistant (PA); find and get involved in activities that are taking place in your community that you may be interested in or joining a local interest group.

The Peace of Mind programme can help you find other SDS users in your area that share similar interests or want to do similar activities and this could include sharing or “pooling” some of your SDS budget so you can achieve more with the money you have available to you.

You can also join our secure and closed Peace of Mind Facebook group for your area, helping you to keep updated on activities that are coming up or going on in your area and linking with other local people who share your interests and hobbies.

For Personal Assistants:

If you are currently working in or are interested in working in the social care sector, you can register your interest via our “Registration Form“.

Once you have registered, our Peace of Mind Programme Co-ordinator will contact you using the details you have supplied to discuss the type of work you are interested in; your availability; the areas you can work in and any specific skills or training you may have.

We will then register your details on a database and seek to match you with potential vacancies in your preferred areas that match your availability and interests.

Matching & Pooling

Peace of Mind will keep your details on our safe and secure database and will then look to find other people in your area who share your interests including other SDS users and PA’s available to support individuals and groups.

Peace of Mind offers unique contracts that cover groups of people employing a PA and we also have special group policy insurance so everyone’s protected.

We can assist you to find out what’s going on in your area; help you to access groups and activities and share the cost of employing support staff, travel costs etc.

Please note that it remains the responsibility of the individual(s) to select and employ the Personal Assistant and the Peace of Mind programme does not guarantee any level of employment.